Mindfulness for survival.

by Mrs Janet R

Mindfulness for survival by Mrs Janet R

Our lives are hectic, filled with to-do lists, errands, and deadlines. Personally, I can barely finish one task before I’m already thinking about the next one. The day flies by and I have hardly taken five minutes to relax and be in the moment. At night time, it doesn’t get any better: I’m kept awake by rushing thoughts of looming tasks, and wondering when I will be able to fit them into my schedule.

With all this chaos, I felt like I was reaching a breaking point. That’s when a friend suggested I start practicing mindfulness, a type of meditation on the go for those who don’t have the time or patience for traditional meditation.

Mindfulness is a state of active attention in the present moment. No matter what you are doing: the dishes, cleaning, working, or on a bus ride, when you are mindful, you are awakened to the experience of living in the present moment. You are not judging your thoughts or feelings; you’re just letting them pass through you and not hanging on to them.

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