Fun craft for Día de los Muertos

I find myself gearing up for the upcoming Día de los Muertos. As a Spanish teacher, I like to have the kids in my classes work on some aspect of the Hispanic culture. What better example of a colorful and beautiful celebration than  Día de los Muertos? I´m having them create fun, but easy decorations […]

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When I want to die

Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but sometimes when I’m down and life gets too hard, it helps me to say aloud, with no one around, that I want to die. How can this help? It does, and a lot. Saying and acknowledging this feeling, this wanting to die, is like choosing to live. I let it […]

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Think white light

“Think white light” was what my friend Tom used to tell me when I was stressed or down. What he meant was to sit, breathe and simply focus on the white light taking over, covering me and cleansing my thoughts. It worked and still works but I have to remember the white light. It’s there […]

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Teen life; the most difficult phase in life

If I could go back and talk to my teen self I would love to be able to reassure her that everything would be fine. That what she was going through was normal and that in time everything would settle. If only… I look at my teens in class and feel for them intensely. Now, probably […]

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#DulcedeLecheDay y La Lechera, recuerdos de la infancia

De pequeñas, mi hermana y yo en España siempre teníamos esperándonos la deseada merienda al final de cada jornada escolar. Nuestra abuelita nos preparaba meriendas simples pero con mucho sabor. Desde entonces hay ciertos sabores, marcas y comidas que me transportan a esos días tan memorables. La Lechera tiene mucho que ver con mis recuerdos. […]

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My grandmother is my memory keeper

Every time I see my grandmother I go back to when I was five. We chat and she recalls things I barely remember but soon, with all the details she brings up, I get the clear picture and the whole memory rushes back. I can feel the moment as if it were yesterday, but it’s […]

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