If you can imagine it, you can do it

My friend always told me that when I wanted something I should try to imagine it actually happening. Whether it was finding a job or a home. It wasn’t that easy for me because I didn’t believe I could neither change my present circumstances nor imagine anything different. Until I actually started, trying and allowing […]

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Quantum moments; Peaceful change

According to the late Wayne Dyer “quantum moments are surprising—unexpected, uninvited, and unforeseen. Quantum moments are benevolent, in other words, they come with feelings of peace, serenity, and bliss. The fourth quality of a quantum moment is that it never goes away. That moment is burned into our consciousness in a vivid picture that won’t […]

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Feeling stuck? You are not alone

Many people find themselves stuck in situations they would rather break free from but can’t. For many reasons. Some situations are more difficult than others to deal with and walking away is not an option in the present circumstances. I know how it feels; like choking or drowning. The problem is that when one feels […]

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Don’t do what first enters your mind!

Dale Carnegie said to never make a decision based on your first thought or impulse, those rarely bring positive outcomes. I agree because, often, the worst decisions are those that are not well thought out. It’s best to let things simmer and then proceed with caution but beware, don’t move to the other extreme; inaction. Quoting Dale […]

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Finding my new home with UpNest

Since I was a little girl I tried to prepare myself for the worst, maybe in weird ways, but still, I would imagine what would happen if… Any case scenario worked. As I grew older I still did the same but more realistically. Even before I got divorced I would check out, in this case, […]

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My ex-husband’s great qualities

Although love slipped away and dissolved, my ex-husband was and is admirable in many ways. He had and has great qualities I’m thankful he shared with me. Now, after a year and a half, I can see more clearly, on looking back at “us,” at “him,” and give him credit. Things fall apart, and as […]

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Where is my Valentine?

  I always disliked Valentine’s Day because it made me think about my relationship and the long lost love. Have you been in a relationship and felt unloved? I have, and it sucks. Valentine’s Day is commercial all right, but for those who have no one or are in a relationship that doesn’t quite fit […]

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Turning points that change your lives

Life, the ongoing obstacle course we all get to run. We all have different courses, obstacles with highlights and differing finish lines. But we all have in common turning points that change the courses of our lives. I have mine, you have yours to share or not, but it’s good to look back once in […]

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Life goes on

Sometimes our worst enemy is seeing life through the lens of the past trying to foresee the future, and on a bad day when our guard is down we gather all our problems at once, making us mistakingly foresee our future through a dark and cloudy lens. But life goes on and we cannot predict what […]

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What we all pursue

We believe that what we all pursue is happiness. But happiness is a modern invention someone thought up and made a business of it. There are thousands of books trying to sell us how to attain happiness but none deliver. They can’t. What we really pursue unknowingly is validation, but most importantly love. Unconditional love. […]

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