When you lack a sense of belonging

I’ve become somewhat of a nomad, a modern day nomad and a grateful one at that, for all those who have allowed me to camp out at their homes for a while. It’s as much a blessing as a curse. Now, more than ever, my sense of belonging is shattered. Finding a place to settle […]

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The stupid conscious things we do

I’m reading a book by Rosa Montero titled; The Flesh. It’s a novel about a mature, independent and intelligent middle-aged woman who ends up falling for a gigolo after an affair gone awry, and the questions this tortuous relationship unleashes. It’s mostly a reflection of how even though we are fully conscious of the fullish things we […]

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The thrill of being alone

Ever since I was 16 I’ve been in a relationship. The fear of being alone was scary, so you can well imagine that some of my choices were not the best. Sometimes, I now feel, I didn’t even choose, they chose me, and out of fear of solitude, I went with it. Yes, very sad. […]

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My grandmother at 100, my hero.

My grandmother just turned 100. Her mind is sharper than mine, but she cannot walk for too long and is now for the first time ever complaining that she cannot do what she used to; knit, sew, or cook. She doesn’t like to have people do things for her, which I understand all too well […]

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Kindness is catching

My godson recently, while tying his shoe laces, paused, looked up and asked me: “Laura, why are you so kind?” I was surprised and caught off guard. All  I could answer was that I didn’t feel I was kind but doing what comes naturally to me. I don’t register kindness as something I do. I just […]

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The ifs that have become my blessings

I’m not afraid for once of what is to come. I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of years, especially about survival and friendship. I’m not alone in this boat, although I may be alone battling my own fight. I’m in a good place now, and grateful for every single obstacle that got me here. […]

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Drum roll for 2017!

Luckily, we measure time in years, sometimes seconds when things go really badly, which allows us to believe that we can leave a year behind and start a new one, hoping it will be better. This year for many, it’s a loud and clear drum roll we hear, as we eagerly wait to leave the […]

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The problem with death is not dying

The problem with death is not dying. The problem is for the living, for those left behind who become orphaned and grieving for that chunk of self that has been ripped away. Dying is easy, staying behind and going on with life without your loved one is hard. Those whom we love, are part of us and when […]

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Annus horribilis; 2016

I’ve had my share of misfortunes this year, but nothing compared to the great losses other’s have unfortunately endured. I have stood watching, sometimes hiding away from the news in fear of what misfortune was going to hit the world next. May this annus horribilis come to an end so we get some respite. There surely have […]

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