My grandmother is my memory keeper

Every time I see my grandmother I go back to when I was five. We chat and she recalls things I barely remember but soon, with all the details she brings up, I get the clear picture and the whole memory rushes back. I can feel the moment as if it were yesterday, but it’s […]

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Cereales con Cariño: What’s really important

I’m Spanish.  My grandmother raised me alongside my father. We celebrated all those wonderful family traditions, and family gatherings filled with love. I remember our breakfasts, sitting at the table listening to the radio, which also gave us the time every minute in the middle of telling us a story. It was called Radio Minuto. […]

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Stop questioning life and start living

As a kid, I wondered what life was about and now I finally know. Life is about what is important to you. Life is a string of moments that become our lives. We borrow life to later return it. There’s no complicated universal explanation. And it’s very simple; we breathe, we stop breathing. What’s complicated […]

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My 12 hours in Tinder

I must say that I’m not too interested in being in a relationship anytime soon, but a friend spiked my interest in Tinder when she told me how much fun and interesting it is to meet new people, and that people actually find their soul mates there. Ejem… Playmates sounds better to me, as in […]

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