El desamor siempre gana

Siempre que apuestas por el amor, el desamor gana. Por que el tiempo y la costumbre, sea cual sea su intermitencia y duración, todo lo disuelve. A veces queda algún rescoldo de añoranza, aunque otras sólo un simple recuerdo anecdótico que se asoma cuando pasas por algún lugar de entonces. Aunque gane el desamor, al […]

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Three friends, three divorces

Was it chance? Was it catching? I don’t know but two friends and I got divorced the same year! There is a good thing about it; that we were able to help each other along as we each experienced and made our way out of the mess it entailed. The particulars of each don’t really […]

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Disappointment, lethargy, and Trump

Never has this been so dangerous, when lethargy follows disappointment. In a world where a Trump rules, we cannot let lethargy or depression take over. We cannot allow the world to go backward and be stripped of the advance and progress of equality and freedom. We cannot allow it! Now is not the time to be […]

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Reading to escape reality

Reading is the closest you get to time travel. You can escape your life and gain new perspectives by walking in different characters’ shoes, often learning from stories from second-hand experience, no matter whether it’s a biography or a novel. All reading is food for thought. For those who like me who don’t enjoy watching TV, immersing […]

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When you lack a sense of belonging

I’ve become somewhat of a nomad, a modern day nomad and a grateful one at that, for all those who have allowed me to camp out at their homes for a while. It’s as much a blessing as a curse. Now, more than ever, my sense of belonging is shattered. Finding a place to settle […]

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The stupid conscious things we do

I’m reading a book by Rosa Montero titled; The Flesh. It’s a novel about a mature, independent and intelligent middle-aged woman who ends up falling for a gigolo after an affair gone awry, and the questions this tortuous relationship unleashes. It’s mostly a reflection of how even though we are fully conscious of the fullish things we […]

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The thrill of being alone

Ever since I was 16 I’ve been in a relationship. The fear of being alone was scary, so you can well imagine that some of my choices were not the best. Sometimes, I now feel, I didn’t even choose, they chose me, and out of fear of solitude, I went with it. Yes, very sad. […]

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My grandmother at 100, my hero.

My grandmother just turned 100. Her mind is sharper than mine, but she cannot walk for too long and is now for the first time ever complaining that she cannot do what she used to; knit, sew, or cook. She doesn’t like to have people do things for her, which I understand all too well […]

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Kindness is catching

My godson recently, while tying his shoe laces, paused, looked up and asked me: “Laura, why are you so kind?” I was surprised and caught off guard. All  I could answer was that I didn’t feel I was kind but doing what comes naturally to me. I don’t register kindness as something I do. I just […]

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