At long last, chucking my 18-month planner!

It’s only the beginning of December and I already purchased the 2017 planner. I’m so done with the last 18-month rollercoaster ride! It’s no wonder my doctor suspected a mini heart attack! But I’m here and ready to enjoy the new year ahead. I’m armed with hope, a backpack full of resilience and an open mind […]

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The unexpected circle of life

Here I am 21 years later living in the same apartment I landed in when I came to the city of San Francisco. Life is full of surprises and as I walked through the park on my way here this evening, I was smiling at the irony of it all. I’ve come full circle to […]

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Shoe addiction; just another escape

Drinking, I thought would take away all my fears and demons, but it only doubled them once the effect was over. That chapter of my life is long gone but there is always something that will substitute that addiction. Addiction is a distraction, a way to escape the moment and hopefully, it will make us […]

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Bobbi Brown’s gifts of beauty

Another holiday, another gift giving season. Bobbi Brown is bringing out once more the gift of subtle and natural beauty. Here are my picks. I tried them all, even the deluxe beauty trunk that is really handy and cute! I love Bobbi’s products. The quality and serious work and thought Bobbi Brown puts into them is […]

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Fifty: payback time

All those fun parties, sleepless nights, stress and some gold old drugs in your youth come at a price once you turn fifty. But, it’s inevitable. When you are young you think you are immune to everything, as it should be. Living a super conscious and cautious life in your youth is no way to live. Some […]

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Voting against yourself

I’m in shock, as many are with the “Trump disease.” How can this person have happened? How have people who believe in democracy, gone and voted for such an undemocratic figure which represents the ugly face of any dictatorship and tyranny? Our country is mourning. San Francisco is mourning and trying to wake up from this […]

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When good people happen to us

I’d like to say that my life started to crumble a year and a half ago, but although it might seem that way, it was crumbling way before that. I was already crumbling inside, the outside had then to crumble for me to rebuild. And while all the chaos and destruction was happening, good people happened […]

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Regrouping to regain sanity

Taking the time to regroup is vital, especially when life pulls you down on your knees and the tide is so high you have trouble keeping your head above water. The only way I’ve been able to cope with all the storms coming at me and keep it together the last few months has been […]

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It’s youth’s time. Let’s lead by example.

It’s not our time anymore. It’s youth’s time. We have failed them miserably and even more when we don’t, as adults, send them a message of hope, letting them know that there may be a brighter future and that they are the change. We cannot cry, complain and only allow them to see the dark […]

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The end of hosting Thanksgiving dinner

  For the fifteen years that I was married I prepared Thanksgiving dinner for my friends who like us were displaced and didn’t have a family to celebrate it with. My friends were the only reason I actually celebrated Thanksgiving. I had my Peruvian, Irish, German, Thai, Spanish, Polish, friends come over and we had […]

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