Why I choose to wear “give-up” clothes.

The other night, my friend and I watched a movie where this woman was chastising her recently divorced friend because she was wearing “give-up clothes.” While I found it hilarious it wasn’t so funny when my own friend looked at me and said, “Don’t laugh so hard because you are wearing give-up clothes around the […]

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Breaking unhealthy relationship cycles.

Wayne Dyer said, his mother fell into really unhealthy relationships. It became a pattern. One after another, all the men she fell for were alcoholic, abusive in some way and very bad parents, of course. She never broke the cycle and the children had to suffer for it. She is not alone. Many men and women […]

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Defining marital status

Marital statuses don’t define us​

We keep wanting to classify people as if this would in some way  give us a much better clue about a person’s identity and build a clearer picture of who they are. But, a marital status doesn’t define us and in some cases, it’s best not to disclose because of the negative implications. As is the “divorced” […]

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The importance of mourning loss

I thought that the best cure for pain was getting busy and trying to forget at any cost what had transpired. But it doesn’t work that way. Or at least it hasn’t worked for me. Those solutions are temporary. Getting over pain takes a period of mourning. Now, I’m at that point, and I’m not […]

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Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss New Scent by Estēe Lauder

Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss Is a fruity, fresh, sensual woody scent with two contrasting accords; red fruits with the added edge of leather, giving it a deeper and darker contrast.  The fruity scents come from mandarin, black cherry; Rose Centifolia adding honey scented depth. Spicy carrot and pink pepper bring out the spiciness to […]

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Those scary places.

Once in a while when your safety blanket of comfort has been taken away, and everything is new, you have to reinvent your life and make it fit again, but it’s a scary place to be at. Change is scary because of its newness and unpredictability and you find yourself holding your breath hoping it will […]

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How to be emotionally stable: chill

How I became chill

I’m chill, says my eldest niece. I don’t get angry or too excited. I agree, but it didn’t use to be this way. It’s taken a time to get to a place where I don’t have to control my emotions and go to extremes which, is very challenging and emotionally draining. I lost my anger at […]

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Bobbi Brown and Fall Beauty 2016 Glow

Who wants to think about the fall now? Probably nobody except for us who love new makeup and beauty finds! Bobbi Brown is always ahead of the game and she has launched two NEW 2016 Fall beauty products I love! Instant Confidence Stick and Sunset Pink Collection. Instant Confidence Stick New Line Smoother. SRP: $45 […]

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Mascotas y su vida secreta

No tengo hijos, pero tengo muchos sobrinos que incluyen cachorros de perro. Desde hace un tiempo las mascotas me cautivan  por su inteligencia y amor incondicional. Y sé que cuando los dejas un rato sin atender, tanto los niños como los animales hacen de las suyas. Por eso, me muero de curiosidad por ver la […]

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Rebooting and downloading a new life

For the first time in my life, I’m not in a relationship and I’m ecstatic. I am finally giving myself the time to figure out who I am alone, what I really like and need in order to be content and happy. I’m also realizing that I can make it on my own which is a […]

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