Philip Seymour Hoffman a brilliant and extremely human actor.



CC by jmillerdp

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman CC by jmillerdp

By extremely human, meaning that he wasn’t free from the inclination to find solace and escape from life’s troubles through drugs. Heroin, the blissful drug that leaves you numb, deeply relaxed and euphoric. What some doctors call the “whatever drug.”

Life is hard and we all have our own ways to escape the noise and the difficulty of living. Hoffman found solace in the most addictive and appealing drug, while others try to reach that pleasurable state by running, reading or taking a bath, just because we are too responsible or afraid to do the drug. We know it would be a temporary quick fix with very dangerous side effects, like death.

I’m sorry he died, very much so, but I also understand his wanting to escape the prison of life, even for a few hours, which unfortunately turned into an indefinite sleep.

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman



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