D1AE82A5-1768-45C0-8188-A2A0DC8B7869I am a bilingual and bicultural language teacher in San Francisco, the place I call home. Born into a family of writers, I enjoy sharing my vision of empowerment and motivation in blogs and articles, having successfully overcome serious addictions and life challenges.

My hope is to share my humble views on life and bring some optimism, cheer, and encouragement. Life has its ups and downs, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you keep walking.

This is a PR-friendly blog. If you would like to collaborate with me, please drop me a line at lcb.laura@gmail.com

I also do private Spanish tutoring and translations; if interested, also contact me at the e-mail above!



My work has been published in various online magazines and blogs such as About.com, Spanglish Beauty, casahispanasf.comMamiverse, and VivaFifty.com, Mamá y Familia and VOXXI.



Bienvenidos a mi página. Soy profesora de idiomas en San Francisco, el lugar que ahora es mi hogar. Nacida en el seno de una familia de escritores, disfruto escribiendo y compartiendo mi visión sobre temas de esperanza, motivación, y todo lo demás…

Tras haber pasado por mis propias crisis personales y haberlas  superado, espero compartir mi humilde opinión sobre la vida e intentar traer algo de optimismo, alegría y ánimo. La vida tiene sus altibajos pero siempre hay una luz al final del túnel si sigues caminando.

Este blog colabora con marcas y causas. Para trabajar conmigo, escríbeme a lcb.laura@gmail.com

Tambien hago traducciones impecables.

Mi trabajo se ha publicado en varias revistas y blogs tales como About.com , and VivaFifty.com.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. A Well Styled Life

    So great to find you! I live in the Bay Area too. Life’s ups and downs can be pretty rough, so remembering we’re all in this together and encouraging each other is the key. I like to say, “the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train, it’s the light of hope”.

  2. Tathina

    Yes, the up’s and down’s of Life are natural for all of us. I just read your latest blog entry on suicide. When we have a down it is even more important to stay out of the judgments of what should be or shouldn’t be. Even the most hellish times can bring us into deeper peace with ourselves if we allow it. The courage to live is the courage to simply be yourself. ❤

  3. Rose C

    What an awesome article…On Life, Hope and todo lo demand! You hit it right on the bullseye! If everyone read this and kept it close by for reference, we’d all have wonderful relationships with our partner!

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