15 things you love about a man that might turn into a nightmare.

The adventurous man CC by michaelwm25

The adventurous man CC by michaelwm25

When love hits us we are blind to some facts, only seeing that which we want to see. What women like in men at the beginning of the love affair, might actually become the traits that we come to despise later on. Or, they could spell trouble.

15 things women think they love in a man and why they might become a problem in the future:

  • He is an adventurer and loves to travel. Many things can turn sour here. He might take off for months, leaving you alone to fly solo, to distant lands. On his travels, he might also land in some woman’s bed! So much for the traveler! 
  • He is fearless. He has no health insurance because nothing can happen to him. To make matters worse, he is addicted to the adrenalin rush. So he skydives, hang-glides, runs in front of the bulls in Pamplona! If something happens to him you will end up heartbroken and bankrupt with all the hospital bills to deal with!
  • He is a real macho! Might sound appealing at first, but he might turn out to be a hard-core sexist. He could have control issues, and you could end up in an abusive relationship. Get. Out. Fast!
  • He has a great sense of fashion. At the beginning you might love his chic clothes, but at some point, shopping with him might turn out to be a nightmare and a drag. Or, he may be homosexual. Nothing wrong with that, unless you´re a woman!
  • He is scholarly. He is so well-read and seems to know all the answers. You might end up taking a class from him every day without being able to get a word in. He might be so absorbed in his readings that you are like a pet to him.
  • He is so orderly … He is so clean and organized! This might turn out to be a remake of Sleeping with the enemy!
  • He´s a poet! So romantic! To a point, this can be very captivating, but you might end up being his muse and having to put up with listening to  Air supply and Julio Iglesias every day.
  • He´s buff. You love his abs, his legs, his butt. All that hard work at the gym is paying off, but at what price? He spends so much time pumping iron that by the time he gets home to you, he has no energy for sex. It might also turn into a competition. Do you want to be fighting over the bathroom mirror?

  • He is very sensitive. This one is tricky. Are you sure you want a cry baby? Someone you have to walk on eggshells around in order not to hurt his feelings?
  • He´s enigmatic. He keeps very much to himself and you simply cannot figure him out. He never ceases to surprise you, and not in a good way. This can translate into being sneaky. Or a serial killer, at the worst! Keep your eyes peeled.

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