Clearing your mind by cleaning your space

I tell my family and friends that I like to clean and they find it very strange. See, I’m one of those people who has a hard time sitting still and cleaning helps me focus, relax and put my thoughts and life in order. Now, more than ever, I’m taking stock of all I own, […]

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Letting go of your inner demons.

“Why don’t you write?” I was asked and my answer came fast and ready “Because hell would break loose.” Now, as I think about it years later I realize that that hell was only mine. As I wrote, the old demons came out and I was able to face them and let them go. The […]

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The ebb and flow.

  Life is just like the ebb and flow of waters on a shore. It brings us things, takes them away and brings more back. It all comes and goes. Once we realize this, we become less fearful and more courageous.

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