Learning to let go

I believe learning to let go is like bodybuilding. You just have to keep at it long enough to reap the results. And life does seem to be the one that sets the schedule and timing.I always had a hard time letting go. Now, finally, I seem to have developed the muscle that allows me to let go and let life, people and things run their course. Life becomes easier once you have learnt to let go of: obsessive thinking, addiction, things, people and often ideas you once stuck to.

Life makes us humble, brings us to our knees and teaches us lesson after lesson, often the hard way, to allow us to finally learn.

I learnt to let go through my own lessons:

  • When I lost my friend and learnt I had to let him go and learn to live without him.
  • When I quit drinking, I had to let go of my crutches. Crutches that I thought helped me cope with stress and fear.
  • When I became “homeless.” I had to learn to let go of many possessions, which I realised I actually didn’t need. (I live with friends now.)
  • When I lost my puppy to divorce. Funnily, this was the worst part. Letting go of the love of a puppy is heartbreaking and not the divorce itself. (Very telling.)
  • When I had to give up some relationships, which didn’t bring me joy. It was very hard but good for my peace of mind.
  • When I had t let go of my systematic routine. I was the kind of person who needed a routine to stick to, almost obsessively, even with what I ate.

There have been many more instances where I have learnt to let go but although it’s been hard to reach this point, I am experiencing a lot of freedom. Of course, I still grow attached to things and people, but not in a way that hurts as much as it used to when the time comes to let go.

The art of letting go is learnt slowly. It’s a very personal experience, and if you want it bad enough, it will eventually come to you.

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