You can’t force relationships.

Setting sail...

Setting sail…

We try to keep relationships going and keeping up with them is not that simple. Our lives are complicated, time is of essence but we still make time for relationships to make sure they don’t die away.

Yet sometimes we have to own up to the fact that some relationships just have run their course and the other party does not seem interested in keeping it going. Then, when you have tried enough and the results are null, it’s best to give up and let them go. You can’t force relationships as you can’t force people to like you. It’s a fact that we change over time and grow out of things as well as people.

Let them go and you’ll have less worrying to do. Relationships are not a job, they are an enhancement to our lives, but if they become more of a drag and hard work, it’s best to set sail and let them be.

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