Finding peace in the most unexpected places.



Finding peace in the most unexpected places.

It began to rain hard and the breeze turned into gusts of cold air, almost tearing trees down, but she didn’t allow that to stop her. She was on a mission and she was going to get there no matter what.Once she got to the appointed meeting place, she was disheveled, cold, and almost frozen. Her lips had turned blue and dry, and her hands were most likely the same. She hardly could feel her hands or her feet. She forced the door open, and found that at the end of the bare room a fireplace was burning. Slowly she made her way without even caring that she was alone in this seemingly empty warehouse. She was so numb by the cold that she couldn’t feel a thing. She wasn’t surprised not to find him there and didn’t care anymore to her surprise. It had been too long and much had happened since they last met. Which proves that time does wear feelings off, now to her relief.

When she got to the fireplace, she sat on the dirty floor and held her hands out to the flames. As her body became warm, the numbness subsided. She unexpectedly felt happy from the simple warmth of the fire, the weight of her expectations gone. She knew she would never se him again.

While she sat there, in the dark with only the flames to light the room, she started to feel peaceful. She had gone from utterly cold to wonderfully warm. All the thoughts that had been torturing here on her way there had miraculously vanished. She was there, bare of feelings and emotions. She was finally at peace.

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