Letting go of your inner demons.


“Why don’t you write?” I was asked and my answer came fast and ready “Because hell would break loose.” Now, as I think about it years later I realize that that hell was only mine. As I wrote, the old demons came out and I was able to face them and let them go. The spoken and written word is like going naked on stage and once you’ve done it once it becomes easier in time.

Your fears of being judged subside and “your inner hell” becomes shared hell, and demons fade as you let them out.

We are not alone and we all share our own private demons and hell. Letting them out, sharing them with the world may help those who still hide them to let them go too. We are human, so human and while unique in many ways, we still make mistakes, have secrets of our own that only become bigger as we grow older and keep them locked inside our closets.

My experience is that once you let your demons out and confide either in a close friend or write about them for the entire world to read, they lose the hold and power they have over you.

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