Turning away from closed doors.

by Señor Zozo

Turning away from closed doors, by Señor Zozo

It’s said that when one door closes another opens, and in the same line, that when you stare too long at a door you miss the door that is open. But how not stare at a door we once thought was right?

While we might all agree that knocking at the same door is useless and stupid, we just can’t help knocking time after time, hoping everyone else and the universe is wrong, funnily believing that door holds the key to our happiness. In some instances it might be true, because we have to practice patience, but when we are dealing with relationships that are long dead, it gets tricky. We do know the door is locked forever, but we keep hoping.

What we need is to give ourselves time. We can’t hope to turn on our heels when we want to, because our hearts are set on that door, just as we can’t convince a heart to stop beating. We have to wait it out, stand in front of that door and someday we’ll realize that we can finally turn away and leave the damn door alone.

We have to be patient not only with life, but also with ourselves. It will come, when the time is right.


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