Moving is the best time to let go of the past.

Moving is hard. Especially when ending a 14-year relationship. It’s a confusing time, a time to desperately move on and pack essentials. Letting go of items that keep you stuck in the past.

I started packing on Friday and for four days, I’ve spent at least 6 to 8 hours getting rid of things first, giving them away to friends, good will or just dumping them. The only way to move on is letting go of literal baggage. Things that no longer belong to the new present. At first it was hard, but as I went through my stuff I kept focussing on what I no longer wanted for my new life.

An hour ago I finished. What a relief. All set to go tomorrow. I’m so ready to go back to the Republic of San Francisco, the city that took me in almost 20 years ago.

All is well that ends well. A good cleansing of the past prepares you for a better new future.

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