The ebb and flow.


The ebb and flow of life.

The ebb and flow of life.

Life is just like the ebb and flow of waters on a shore. It brings us things, takes them away and brings more back. It all comes and goes. Once we realize this, we become less fearful and more courageous.

Life takes a lot away from us, but brings new things when we stop fixating on our losses. If we relax and let go of those things we believe hold us together, we might move on and get more back than we hoped.

Holding on to jobs, people, or things out of fear, can wreck our lives, making us miserable. Of course, there is healthy fear that makes us cautious and allows us to weigh our losses. But if we see it from a positive perspective and the assurance that it will all be OK, we will make wiser decisions based on our gut feelings and not out of paralyzing fear.

What ifs, become positive remarks instead of negative ruminations. We know our limits and know when to let go and trust that something better will come along.

Trust in the ebb and flow, and life will reward you with peace of mind and a kinder existence.

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