When to admit defeat.

Admitting defeat by bruce.aldridge

Admitting defeat by bruce.aldridge

Some battles are lost from the start, but others are battles worth fighting for. Difficulty is a challenge and we must muster the courage to go for what we want. Yet, sometimes it’s best to admit defeat.

It’s best to admit defeat and move on when:

1. You are at a job that no matter how much you excel at it you are not valued.

2. When you tried over and over again to save your relationship and the exhaustion has killed the reason to fight for it.

3. When someone lets you go, stop on your tracks and move in a different direction.

4. When someone has repeatedly lied to you and you have given them over 5 chances to come clean.

5. When you have worked on something you love to do but you know deep down you are not cut for it. Let it go and save your energy for the next endeavour. Finding a passion that you are good at takes time.

6. Admit defeat when you have tried repeatedly to convince someone to do different. Especially if these people are addicted to substances or activities that are harmful to them. Let them go and get on with your life or they will suck you into their misery.

Admitting defeat is hard on our egos, but the more you clearly see when it’s time to do it, it will become second nature. Practice makes perfect.


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