The unexpected circle of life

Here I am 21 years later living in the same apartment I landed in when I came to the city of San Francisco. Life is full of surprises and as I walked through the park on my way here this evening, I was smiling at the irony of it all.

I’ve come full circle to where my life began in this city. I came to visit my then boyfriend Tom 21 years ago and although our relationship withered and ended, our friendship grew becoming one of the most important figures in my life. I stayed on in the bay area and went on to marry someone else. Tom was best man at my wedding as so was I at his, to everyone’s surprise.

For those 19 years that followed, I moved three times with my husband, divorced him, lost my dear friend Tom to cancer and now, 21 years later I’m back at his house staying with his wife and son, who is my Godchild.

I’ve come full circle and feel extremely grateful that I have landed, yet again, in a loving place. Filled with memories of my dear friend Tom who may be watching and while smiling saying: “You are back home.”

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