At long last, chucking my 18-month planner!

It’s only the beginning of December and I already purchased the 2017 planner. I’m so done with the last 18-month rollercoaster ride! It’s no wonder my doctor suspected a mini heart attack! But I’m here and ready to enjoy the new year ahead.

I’m armed with hope, a backpack full of resilience and an open mind and heart. Come what may now I’ll be better prepared to weather the storms to come and most importantly I can actually plan ahead. I’m now able to envision a future and have already penciled in my travel plans for the coming year. If not now? When?

I’m finally excited about life and ready to chuck my old planner on December 31st. I won’t burn it but I’ll keep it to look back and have it serve as a reminder that if I survived all the uncertainty, I can rise above most anything. We all can.

Hope your 2017 planner is filled with exciting adventures like mine is!

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