How to overcome the waves of sorrow.


When I was a little girl used to be suddenly overcome by waves of sorrow. Although they have become more infrequent as I’ve grown older, nevertheless, they still come and I’ve learnt to let them go by facing them. Now, as I sense the waves approaching I can be prepared to welcome the sorrow, feel it intensely and then let it go by changing the course of my thoughts and actions, not allowing the sorrow to settle in.

Sorrow used to hold a tight grip on me. This state of sadness would settle in for long periods, making me unable to move forward. I would bathe in these feelings, which only made the pain more acute and longer lasting. As time has allowed me to grow, now I have the sense and the tools to get over the sorrow much faster. To live is to suffer, but sometimes suffering is far too long drawn out and we can avoid this.

Tips to overcome the waves of sorrow:

  • Let them come. As the sorrow hits you, feel it and let it go by talking to someone. After a while your conversation will change course and make it all seem lighter.
  • Engaging in something that requires your full attention as a hobby, a run, or any activity that brings you pleasure take you away from your sorrows.
  • Write it down so that you can see it there, in writing. Be honest about what you are feeling because nobody will read it and it will help you recognize clearly how holding on will not help you out.
  • Read something that is far removed from what you are feeling. Books can be the best places to get lost.
  • Take a long bath. Relaxing and pampering yourself does wonders and brings you back to a warm caring place.
  • Don’t feed the sorrow with more sorrow, as listening to depressing or sad music with even sadder lyrics! Don’t read anything that will feed the pain or watch a sad movie. Indulging in the sorrow will only magnify those helpless and isolating feelings.
  • Make a call. Talk to a friend. As soon as you talk to someone the subject will change and you might get some laughs.

Whatever you choose to do, there are many strategies for those of us who tend to succumb to sorrow.

Life is partly what we make of it and our growth depends on how we choose to face and fight our inner demons and sorrows.

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