Is divorce a malady now?

There seems to be an app for everything, and I just found out, there is an app for what they call the “malady of divorce.”Aren’t we growing too weak and too dependent on apps to help us cope with life, turning what is natural grief into a disease, or malady, as the app tells us? 

Divorce, even if it’s a mutual decision, is hard for all. It’s a loss and is grieved in the same way. It takes time to take in, and besides, each one of us copes differently. So, no, divorce is not a malady. I rather share with friends how I’m feeling than seek advice from an app. Especially if it tells us it’s a disease.

Divorce is part of life and we must take charge and learn from it. From the loss, the pain and of course, although we need help to get through the complicated emotional stages, I much rather get advice from real people who may have gone through a similar experience taking into account that all divorces are different and painful to varying degrees. It’s comforting to know you are coping as best you can and that it is normal to feel happy and relieved one moment, and lonely and scared another.

Recently I texted my soon to be ex-husband, asking him how he was coping, and he told me that how I felt was normal and that what he was doing was keeping himself very busy and doing mostly positive things: helping others, cleaning, exercising etc.. This actually made me feel so much better. It acknowledged that I was not alone feeling lost in this emotional rollercoaster and that how I felt was normal. Not a disease to get over.

So, I heed his advice, real advice from a real person, my ex! Of course, I have others who are helping me along, but coming from him, it made me feel I was actually alright. Maybe because we know each other all too well and know what gets us through rough times.

Forget the app and reach out. Of course, the legal app advice is good, but when it comes to emotions, no app can help as much as a human being. Let’s get well as in the old days, taking life as it comes and dealing with our pain and healing process with compassion for ourselves, leaving technology out of divorce’s murky emotional waters.

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