I always felt lonely.

As I start a new life I find myself evaluating what has led to this. It is important to look back and think about what’s happened as a form of cleansing and acceptance. What arises is in my case is sadness and anger, all at the same time.

On looking back I feel this loneliness coming back, ten years of loneliness, accepted as normalcy. It was not. If I felt so lonely, it couldn’t be only my fault. I wasn’t alone, but I was. Now that I will really be alone, I feel a weight lifted. I never have to feel and be that alone again with anyone. It was my choice and now I see it. I can’t blame anyone but myself for having accepted that type of relationship

You set me free and I set you free because I never want to feel so lonely ever again.

2 thoughts on “I always felt lonely.

  1. Delfín

    After all has been said and done, we are alone. We undergo operations alone, we must take exams alone, we must go to job interviews alone… no one can be there to hold our hand. We need people to keep away the chill of the universe, of course, but we are alone always, with our thoughts, our fears, our inadequacies… we only need someone to care, and you know you have plenty of people who care, who really care.

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