The rainbow of pain.

The rainbow of pain. Shutterstoc kphoto.

The rainbow of pain. Shutterstock photo.

Pain is like a rainbow, no feeling is the same because each painful moment has its different shade. You can’t compare pain either since it’s such a personal experience. 

Maybe we have to go through all the rainbow colors of pain, recycle them, and when we get to the color we already felt, we are ready to deal with it better. But hopefully, we don’t have to repeat the cycle and are done with that episode forever not to be felt again. Wishful thinking, I know.

Pain is something I’m getting used to. Maybe it comes with age. Maybe, in a short while I’ll become blissfully numb after so many unfortunate events having taken place almost back to back this year.

But I’m hopeful. I know that after the pain, just like after a storm, the sun comes out and I will experience happiness again. I know it’s not a permanent state, but I welcome that glimmer of hope making its way through the clouds.

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