When do we lose our innocence?

When is it that we lose our innocence? Is it when we experience our first rejection, our first heartbreak, or our first loss? Whenever it is, it hurts to realize that life is not an easy ride and not a happily ever after story. It is happy, but it also comes with more than a fair share of sadness and painful moments.

It is probably in adolescence, the most difficult and crucial time in our lives when we become aware that life is not the joyride they sold us. This is a hard truth to handle at such an early age, but it cannot be otherwise.

Happiness is for sale today, and we believe that the eternal happy bliss exists and is attainable, not. Happiness comes in small doses accompanied by grief. One cannot exist without the other. If we were to know this from birth, our childhood would probably have been tainted and our lack of innocence would have made us sour all too soon. At least, if we have a few years of total belief that life is just a happy playground; we get some relief and can then when we are all grown up, remember fondly those years of playful carefree innocence.

When did you lose your innocence? I lost mine the day I honestly said, “….but it’s not fair!”

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