20 signs that prove you are enjoying a stress-free vacation:

CC by Jesus Solana

20 signs you are experiencing a TRUE vacation. CC by Jesus Solana

We take vacations to decompress, relax and enjoy a break from our routines, but some vacations can become also a job, especially if you try to fit in too many activities in, let’s say, two weeks. The gauge to know you are experiencing a true stress free vacation is when you experience one or more of the following:

  1. You wake up and don’t know either what day it is or where you are for an instant. (Longer than a few seconds might call for a visit to the doctor’s office!).
  2. You loose track of time.
  3. You’re off your regular schedule and you don’t suffer from anxiety and can accommodate to the new environment.
  4. You feel “free.”
  5. You can read a book without checking your watch.
  6. You smile for no reason.
  7. You sleep like a baby after you get over your jet lag, and if you don’t you don’t care!
  8. When you look at yourself in the mirror you like what you see.
  9. You become extraordinarily adventurous.
  10. You cringe a little bit when you think about “work.”
  11. You eat foods you usually wouldn’t dare to.
  12. Anger seems to dissolve and you become more tolerant.
  13. You see life though a more optimistic lens.
  14. Things that you usually feel self-conscious of seem to dissolve.
  15. Your computer is pilling on dust and you don’t care.
  16. You use your phone mostly to take pictures.
  17. You don’t feel any urgency to check or reply to e-mails.
  18. Even rain doesn’t ruin your day.
  19. You actually realize you understand the term MINDFULNESS at last!
  20. Your definition of early rising changes to 12:00 PM and you feel no remorse!

 What else would you add?



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