When you change your perspective, your priorities change.

Friendship: priorities and perspective. CC by Felipe Bastos

Friendship: When priorities and perspective change.  CC by Felipe Bastos

It’s strange how what we once thought was important, suddenly, from one day to another, moved by chance, our perspective and, therefore, our priorities change.

I once thought that romantic love was at the top of the list, next to my job, then health, family and friends. A jolt of “reality” hit me recently and the order has completely changed.

Now, what I treasure most are family and friendships because those are the ones that will stay with me forever, no matter what. My jobs, which I love, help me along and enrich my daily life. Then comes health, which enables me to enjoy all the above.

Romantic love comes and goes at a whim and is often fickle. However, once love has endured the test of time, it can be called family and friendship and move up to the top of the list, but hanging on to the thought that romantic love will fill all your needs is a “mirage.”

My priorities have changed and the jolt was a “death” which set everything into the right order.

What are your priorities? Have they changed over time? How so?

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