When a part of ourselves leaves.

CC by Sam Javanrouh

When a part of oursleves leaves. CC by Sam Javanrouh

We are the sum total of those loved ones in our lives. Part of our identity is linked to them whether they are friends or family. Any loss of one or the other creates an empty vacuum impossible to fill.

Experiencing loss is like missing a limb. Somehow you will always feel its presence, and the reminder of what was, will always be there.

How to overcome the loss of a part of ourselves, which shall never be filled by that “one” person who meant the world to us? There is no magic potion to eradicate that first disorienting and agonizing pain. Only time will lessen the hurt, but the presence of that person, as that part of us, will always be present.

Time will patch up our hearts and slowly, our minds will start experiencing moments of relief from our memories. We will learn to live through the pain with the help of “the other parts of ourselves,” family and friends who will accompany us through the grief.

If you hurt, I hurt.” Making: “I’m sorry for your loss,” not just a cliché, but a real heartfelt, meaningful and sincere sentence.


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