The freedom to be yourself.

I was 26 when this new acquaintance told me he had something to tell me when the time was right. It took a couple of weeks for him to finally tell me: “You care too much what people think of you.” I didn’t understand then but two decades later I understand only too well and wish I could get back to him and tell him that I finally don’t care.

I may care what people close to me think but this won’t stop me from voicing my opinions and being myself, something that before I had a lot of trouble with.

Fighting to be yourself in this world where we all seem to have to fit into a pattern and be labelled, is not easy. Yet, after some time, “caring too much” becomes too cumbersome and a job in itself.

I now try to fit into my own world, my own self and whatever others say and think of my lifestyle, I listen to but take it as a grain of salt. If you don’t like how I live, it’s OK. If you don’t like how I dress, again, it’s OK. I respect your opinion but that will hardly change me.

Dear friend, it’s taken me a lifetime to understand what you said, but here I am enjoying not caring what people think of me. Thanks for the tip!


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