13 signs you need a change.

CC by Jae

Signs you need a change CC by Jae

Sometimes growth is equivalent to the changes you make over time. If you don’t change, life becomes stagnant and boredom settles in. Some lucky people live in a state of excitement and awe because they are wired that way, others need to seek change to reach that state and outgrow the every day blahs. But, when to tell you have reached a stagnant state and need to take a detour?

 You need a change when:

  • You wake up in the morning feeling like they have punched the life out of you and the day looms ahead like a nightmare.
  • When you live only for the weekend and when it comes you can’t seem to find anything exciting to do because the week has killed your energy.
  • You make no plans because you can’t seem to imagine doing anything fun.
  • You look at you watch often during the work week and the hours seem to crawl.
  • You only want to sleep because it’s the only time you get to escape life.
  • You have no energy or drive.
  • Your most exciting day is when you receive your paycheck.
  • You drink to have fun and end up crying and/ or depressed.
  • You couldn’t care less what friends have to say and hate them when they tell you how exiting their lives are.
  • You can’t find a single hobby you enjoy.
  • When asked what to you do for fun you are dumb folded.
  • TV is your best friend.
  • Your date book looks like a dessert. Nothing seems to grow there.

If this is your life at a glance, you need a change. You need to find motivation or you will end up wasting away and mostly in the dumps.

Change is hard, but once you leap, the freedom you will find is energizing. Take charge because although life seems to just happen, we can make things happen too with very positive outcomes. Side effects include: happiness, excitement and new found energy.



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