And life was never the same again…

It never is, in fact. We believe life doesn’t change or change us, but allow time to pass and on looking back you will see how fast and how much it changes, and, therefore, you inevitably change. We may feel the same, but everything that touches us has an impact. Life adds and subtracts, every single day. So if you feel frustrated with your life, worry not, things will happen that will change your world around at some time.

The last two years have been years of constant change. Things changed and with them, so did I. The best part of constant change is that you become more open and used to it. It molds you and turns you, sometimes, inside out. It’s surprising how fast we can adapt to things when in a bat of an eye your world is rocked, shaken to pieces and you are to rebuild from scratch. Or you go through little earthquakes that progressively shatter you little by little and life is never the same again…

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