Everything must end.

CC by Amanda Cooper

Endings CC by Amanda Cooper


Just like the sun sets every day, giving way to the moon, so must everything else end. Those people or things that we feel we can’t live without at a time, which we find necessary for our happiness eventually run their course and become less desirable.

That agonizing love we feel for someone subsides and we are left with remnants of what was, and end up tired and full of regret for having dragged the relationship well after the boredom and irritation settled in.

It may not always end up being this way if both partners grow and change in the same direction, but the inevitable familiarity takes away the newness and we become more self-centered and focused on what it is we want.

What do we want? We often hope that those things and people we love never lose the newness, the love they inspire, and the excitement all dies… It has to. We evolve and our feelings change just as caterpillars transform into butterflies.

Love, newness of what once excited us, ends. And then we either fly the coup, and find another “newness” to add to our lives or we change and metamorphose. Still, there is an ending to who we were at a point in a relationship, some part dies and another phase begins, seeing the other with new eyes.

If we accept that everything has to come to an end, we’ll be better prepared to survive change and move ahead, confidently, and a little less heartbroken.


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