At a job interview: be you.


Many people at job interviews lie or enhance attributes that they fall short of. Why lie when if you were to get the job, you’d be found out anyway? Not only that, a job is a relationship like any other in which if you are not yourself it might turn sour.

I take pride in my job and do my very best but I will not say I’m detail oriented when I’m not. I do my job well and some times falter, making mistakes as any other. But I won’t sell myself as someone who rarely errs. If I do make mistakes, it won’t come back to bite me so hard.

I can’t sell myself as a team leader either because I’m not. I can follow others because I’m comfortable with that and work better in an environment based on camaraderie, something a leader rarely can do.

If you want to be comfortable at your new work place, be yourself.  You don’t want them to hire “someone else” and try to live up to that person you sold them for the sake of a job and a paycheck. Life is better when you are hired for whom you are, not the wannabe.


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