The soundtracks of our lives.

Our soundtracks by Daniel Paxton

Our soundtracks by Daniel Paxton

We all experience mood changes prompted by music. Music that might take us down memory lane, making us feel happy or sad. So, the music we tend to like, whether it brings up positive or not so happy emotions make up who we are. Music marks our lives and we choose those tunes. 

Some music makes us exhilarated and ready to go for that run. Sad music might make us feel sad. Those tunes allow us to express how we are feeling emotionally. In a way this is therapeutic. If we choose sad over happy, we are allowing ourselves to feel deeply and go over emotions we might have drowned. 

We all choose the soundtracks of our lives and the music that in some way describes who we are and how we feel.

Choose your music, sad or happy, because it’s your own. Your personal life soundtrack.

This is a beautiful soundtrack of a life:

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