Taking care of your loving heart this new year.

Taking care of your heart this new year by The Wicked Soul

Taking care of your heart this new year by The Wicked Soul

As the new year approaches, of all the things to take care of, our hearts should top our list. That often fragile muscular organ that keeps us alive doesn’t just exist to pump blood. Being connected as it is to our brains and emotional being, it allows us to feel better, happy, soothed and most importantly to love.

Our priority should be to take care of this loving muscle, through our brain and our emotional being. But how? Besides a good diet and exercise, we should take steps to care for our loving heart by making sure we listen to it and follow what it’s telling us.

Listening to our hearts.

It’s inevitable for our hearts to suffer. But the moment your heart feels more pain than joy, it’s time remove ourselves from what causes the pain. Easier said than done, but with practice it becomes natural. There are limits to how pain much a heart can take. There is the so-called “free suffering” we put ourselves through, which is a total waste. Listen up and make sure the pain is worth it. If it’s not and you see no point, let go and move on.

Taking care of your heart:

  • Surround yourself with people who care about you.  Who truly contribute to your well-being. Don’t allow those who put you down and keep disappointing you and breaking your heart.
  • Do what you love. Run, play, draw. Follow your heart by engaging in your passions. The satisfaction of doing what you love keeps your heart healthy.
  • Avoid hating or obsessing about people who are not good to you or for you. Scratch them out of your list. A waste of time and emotional energy.
  • Play your soundtrack. That music that makes you happy, energized and makes you smile.
  • Don’t look back at what could have been. Looking back at painful events is just a way of reliving the pain. This is just plain masochistic.

Above all, make sure you do whatever makes your heart happy. Learn to listen it.

Happy new year!

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