Why we shouldn’t forget.

 Why we should remember, by Temari 09

Why we shouldn’t forget, by Temari 09

There are moments in our lives we’d like to erase. But our brains are wired in such a way that we won’t forget no matter how much time elapses. Time will soften the blow of a memory, but it won’t do away with it. Those things that had the most emotional impact are stored, and surface when we least expect them. Wouldn’t it be great if we could delete certain events or people?

I sometimes wish I could do away with certain things that haunt me and pop up at random times, taking me back to that painful experience. But perhaps it’s life’s way of making sure I learnt a lesson and don’t tread along that same path again by reminding me every so often.

But, do we really want to forget? All we’ve gone through is part of us. We are our stories, our history and our unique experiences that shape us. If we were we to forget, we’d miss part of ourselves. Our stories, with our ups and downs, are lessons, not only for our own safekeeping but for us to share with the world if we so choose. Our stories might help someone who might be going through a similar experience. Although we cannot learn second-hand, sometimes we can shed light from our experience for the benefit of another person.

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