Do something nice for yourself today!

Do something nice for yourself today! by Ace Reston

Do something nice for yourself today! by Ace Reston

We get so lost in all those things we have to do for others, that we forget the main character in the play: Us! When we overextend ourselves for other people, we lose sight of what we want, what we need and it slowly starts to weigh us down. While I am all for reaching out and helping others, and doing my best at my job, I need to remember to do something nice for myself at least once in a while. 

You don’t have to spend money to do it, as most things that make us feel good don’t cost a penny. A reminder to yourself that your own wellbeing is important, doing something nice for yourself will spill over  every other area of your life. When you feel happy you give the world the best  “you.”

Do something nice for yourself today and everyday. Indulge in your guilty pleasure; run, spend time daydreaming, get a manicure, buy yourself a book, take a bath (my personal favorite.), just anything you normally deprive yourself of.

Life can wait a little, that laundry can sit for another hour, that call can be pushed back a few minutes.

In short: love yourself. Give yourself a little gift of self-appreciation today.

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