When the hard truth is indigestible.

She fell in love with her, slowly. A miracle I thought, after such a long time. When it finally happened I was so happy for her and sad at the same time because as much as love brings joy, it brings with it inevitable pain.

Sadly, it was short-lived. It came, as often happens, to an abrupt close. She was left with no answers, no prior sign of what was to come. Anne had dumped her and wanted to remain friends. Of course, we all nod in understanding as at some point we’ve all experienced this kind of punch seemingly coming out of thin air.

This happened a while ago, but the pain and resistance to letting go are still there, hidden, and in her weakest moments, the baffling question arises “But why did she leave me?” To which I can only answer; “Maybe it’s best you don’t know,” or “Why does it matter? It happened and there is little point turning it over.” Yes, these words are very easy to spit out but hard to digest.

A few days ago I asked her if she still thought about Anne, to which she nodded rolling her eyes.  I’m usually very sweet and careful with words but my exasperation, not with her, but with us people who won’t let go even if the truth is clearly set in front of us, won me over and I blurted; “If you could get it in your head that she doesn’t care anymore, you’d forget her!” But, no, it doesn’t work that way. It shall pass; in its own time. Another irritating commonplace that holds true. Someday, someone else who really cares will come along, and with her, love and pain shall return but hopefully for a longer period of time. “Till boredom do them apart.”

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