Deep breaths of life

I guess it was a month and a half ago when I started really taking deep breaths of life, peace and serenity. It had been a while since I had felt this way, in fact, years, no wait! Maybe never before! That nagging feeling of dissatisfaction has left me at long last, as I’ve accepted and realized my purpose and a few other things about myself.

To bystanders, my life may seem in shambles, not having what most people my age have: a significant other, a home, and a regular job. However, I know I will! I’m not freaking out. I’m simply taking baby steps to grow and get there, to the place where I have all those things, minus the significant other, I believe. I’m so at peace now that I’m finally realizing how great it is to be able to step back and start my life over. I’m relieved and very grateful to my friends who have enabled me to do this.

These deep breaths of life allow me to be more aware of my surroundings; flowers, the breeze, colors and small details I would’ve missed before because my brain was clouded by anxiety. Having been able to take a step back, and sit with myself for countless hours, I have found myself through the “noise” and learned not fear loneliness. I may be alone but I don’t feel lonely at all.

Hope you also take deep breaths of life!

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