We win, we lose.

Life is an exercise in winning and losing. Every time we win, we lose as well. I won my freedom but lost my puppy. I knew well it was going to happen. It was painful but, inevitable. I wanted the best care for him and I gave him up to my ex. I don’t think he will ever have an inkling of how painful it was when I last got off the car and waved goodbye, as he sat there at the back just looking at me with those almost sad eyes and bunny ears. Those same eyes that almost a year before had stolen my heart when he came running to me as if asking: “Choose me! Choose me! Take me home.” We did.

I won a year of puppy love, and then lost him. The cycle of life.

3 thoughts on “We win, we lose.

  1. Deborah

    I know how special the love of a pet is. If you gave him up so he’d have the best care, then I’m sure it was the right choice, but what s difficult choice! Lo siento mucho.

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