What lights the dark path.

CC by Melanie on Flickr

What lights a dark path. CC by Melanie on Flickr

I used to get lost in things I thought were important. A job, a future, clothes (yes!), but along the way all those things ended up filling me with anxiety even if they seemed to be lined up perfectly. Now, the list of important things has changed and what lights my sometimes-dark path and helps me get on with life are other things. This change of heart has really made my life whole, more peaceful and happier.

What lights my path besides new endeavors that I find extremely fulfilling as writing, reading, exercising, studying, biking or running, are people. People light my path, cheer me on, and help me forget myself, and the little troubles that some times darken my days.

Kind words, words of recognition, a note, a letter, a coffee with a friend are what light my path…

What lights your path?

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