What you should always wear.

by janainacastelo

You should always wear a smile. Photograph by janainacastelo

You should always wear a smile, a sincere smile to dedicate to others and yourself. When you smile you can’t be sad. Try it! You can’t be both.

How? Life is hard but you still can find a reason to smile and the more you try to find reasons, the more it shall become a habit.

I have days when I’m drained and yet someone happens to say or do something kind and my heart leaps, sparking an inevitable smile. The simplest thoughts or things can bring your heart warmth. In my case a “Hi Laura,” from a student, or a text from a friend, saying: “Long time no see. Let’s meet up,” can make my day.

Life is too short to wear a stern face, which only breeds a stern life. Smiling is catching and melts hearts. Wear it everyday.

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