The importance of slowing down in this frenzied world.

frenzied world

The importance of slowing down in this frenzied world.  Photograph by lukey dargons

We run everywhere trying to meet deadlines, we make to do lists that are far from realistic, we text, e-mail and update our status in different sites because we have to be out there letting people know we are alive and keeping it all together. But in time, something has to give. As with myself, something did give and I have found myself having to somehow learn to slow down and which I’m finding damn hard.

Slowing down means you might just have to give up something in order to get back some control over your life, health and emotions. I have post-its that practically could cover a whole wall with the added problem of trying to decipher which one is the most urgent. What I need is a more effective system. A system that allows me to stay sane and prioritize. I have found that  the best way to do this is taking care of myself and finding ways to disconnect and find “me time.”

My coping tips:

Slowly I’m incorporating ways to slow down, as not checking my phone when I’m with friends, reading a novel at night which transports me to another world and helps me to forget myself and the hundred things that are on my to do list. I am also listening to soft music to relax on my morning and evening commutes without giving into the temptation of checking my e-mail and all the social media apps. I’m also trying to say “no” more often so as not to stretch myself out silly. Drawing, writing and any creative activity helps me relax too. What has proven most effective overall is finding time to exercise which clears my mind  and helps me focus. 

I believe that being constantly connected and in control has made us more anxious and stressed. Plus, overworked. Our minds always go back to work since we are constantly sent reminders of deadlines.

As my heart is taking a toll, I have to slow down or else, and by or else I mean high blood pressure for life or a heart attack!

Life is to be enjoyed, that I do know. It’s not fun to wake up one day and ask yourself: Where did all the time go? How much of life did I miss while I ran around pleasing everyone and stretching myself out too far? Why do I have a weak heart and high blood pressure, and was it all worth it?




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