Exercise to calm your spirit and find strength to cope with life.


Exercise to calm your spirit and find strength to cope with life. Photograph by aarmono

I am told I have a lot of willpower. I exercise at least 5 times a week, whether it’s weight training or running, but it has nothing to do with will power, it has all to do with emotional health and what exercise brings with it.

I have no will power because I am unable to do anything I truly don’t want to do unless I find a benefit and it usually is about my wellbeing. What exercise brings into my life is like taking medicine. Exercise makes me clear minded, stronger and more able to focus. I am easily distracted and when I run or weight train, I find that focus.

Exercise calms me and brings me down to earth. It calms my spirit and clears my mind from negativity. Once I’m done I feel ready to tackle the next thing, which is “living.”

Once you experience the benefits, exercise becomes not only addictive but a way of life. A way of seeing the world and even, as an added benefit, you start to see nutrition in a whole different way. You eat to fuel your body and find those foods, which help your body withstand more strain.

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