Words left unsaid.

Words left unsaid weigh us down. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what words we need to release in order to let go and feel at peace, but soon enough we can put our feelings into words and be set free from the burden of keeping them inside.

Once words that we keep locked up make their way out, a sense of freedom allows us to move on. If you are like myself who takes a while to figure out what I need to say, don’t worry, as usual time will translate those feelings into words and you can then address the person you need to spill them on.

Our ego often gets in the way, and this is when we say things we don’t actually mean. Set aside your ego and bring those words out. Forget what people may think of you, that is not your problem. Forget about the response and don’t have any expectations when you utter your words. Whatever you need to say is your business. It’s about fulfilling your need to let those words out.

For weeks, I tried to utter some words and they came out all wrong. What I really wanted to say just came out recently when my heart overrode my ego. Finally, I felt at peace! Finally, I could move on with the satisfaction that my words and feelings were channeled, heard and accepted. I had no expectations and fear, and that is what allowed me to speak my heart. Now I’m free and don’t feel the burden of words left unsaid.

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