Gratitude; something to practice at the end of the year.

Gratitude at year's end by shannonkringen

Gratitude at year’s end by shannonkringen

No matter how sad or bad you may think your year was, there is always something to be grateful for. Turning your focus towards the good; what was given to you out of kindness, those people who showed how much they care for you even in small ways, will overshadow the miserable times.

Of course, we often tend to focus on what went wrong, beating ourselves up and over thinking, only to make things worse by obsessing on the negative, leaving no room to see the lighter side.

At year’s end, look at all you’ve got, not material, but those things that made your heart soar with happiness.

I’m very lucky this year. Yes, I had my share of loses but I unexpectedly gained a lot. My life changed because  someone  believed in me and gave me a life changing chance.

I’m also lucky because although I have my very dark days, there is always something that brightens them. A word, a smile, a hug.

These things, at the end of the year sum up to riches. I’m rich and so are you, look at life through the eyes of gratitude. Your perspective will change and your heart will grow.

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