Change: the dread of the unknown.

by Rafa.Garcés

by Rafa.Garcés

We like our routines, they ground us, as boring as they might become at some point. They keep our lives neatly balanced. We know what to expect, we know the territory. Suddenly change springs and throws us off kilter. Some of us dread change because of the unknown territory and feel disoriented when our neat lives are no longer so predictable.

However, change is good in its own way for the brain. It works harder to decipher and adjust to new situations and learns to become more adept to change, more flexible and open to new possibilities.

Change is quite similar to making your way in the dark. You have to go slowly, measure your steps because unlike your once neat life in which you could foretell what might come next, in the new chapter you can’t. When change happens you are alone in new territory and every step forward is new.

Embracing change and seeing it in a positive light helps you move forward more confidently. The key is to relax and accept that unpredictability and newness is a chance to grow and experience life as you did when you were a child. Exploring life one day at a time, as an adventure.

There is no room to grow if we are not open to change. Go for the unexpected, the unpredictable and back to the child you once where.

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