A safe place to hide.

A safe place to hide, by Camille Boulière

                                  A safe place to hide, by Camille Boulière

Whenever fear or disappointment strikes, some of us only want to find a safe place to hide. Unfortunately we can’t hide from ourselves; wherever we go, there we are.

Relationships are hard, but the hardest relationship is the one we have with ourselves. We set our personal standards too high and then beat ourselves up if we are not “perfect,” ending up feeling ashamed and let down.

These feelings of shame often lead to the desperate need to hide from the world to lick our wounded ego, when the world probably doesn’t even care. Removing ourselves from the world only alienates us further. We can hide, but facing the world is far better than trying to find solace where often there is none; in ourselves.

If you do hide, make it short and go back knowing that the only way to grow stronger is by facing life and it’s challenges head on, and not in the loneliness of our minds. Our imaginations, if we tend to beat ourselves up, don’t help us grow. We become stuck and stagnant in our own ways and imagine scenarios that only reinforce our poor sense of self.

Finding a safe place to hide, to think, to be creative, to rest, is healthy, but unhealthy when done out of shame and dissapintment in ourselves.

2 thoughts on “A safe place to hide.

  1. Anonymous

    People also hide because they can’t make relationships in the world. Because people don’t make sense. Escape is not just a turn inward, but a release from the frightening & confusing everyday prision.

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