We never move on and leave them behind

It’s been a while since I wrote. I simply couldn’t. I was waiting for the grief to pass. I was hoping to move on and leave it behind, but it just hasn’t happened. And although I don’t find myself crying all day, I do feel the weight of it and carry it around with me.  In truth, it isn’t as heavy as before. However, I’ve lost all hope that I will ever move on.

The grief and the weight of our losses move on with us. We just can’t get stuck. We must learn to carry on with them on our journey. We can do this by cherishing the memories we have of our loved ones. Moving on would be forgetting them and I personally don’t want to.

Every single time we experience loss of some sort it crushes us, ripping us apart and leaving us broken. We slowly partly repair, but we are never the same because we are like puzzles. Everyone that touches our hearts becomes an added piece, and once the piece goes missing the empty space remains forever. So, let’s allow grief to take hold, slowly subside and move on with the memory of all the people that once made us whole.

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