Rising way above the ashes

Who would have thought that I would actually rise way above the ashes after what I thought was losing it all? Not me. I’m too old to believe in starting over, but then I did and rose way above. I didn’t do it alone. We do nothing alone. I did it with helping hands galore and lots of love thrown my way. My friends and family were “my walker,” helping me take baby steps and calming my fears. I couldn’t look ahead to a future I had no clue about. I have gotten many breaks in life and consider myself lucky, so if I can, I try to pay it forward. That’s probably the reason why I bend backward if I can help someone in need. We cannot do this alone. I couldn’t rise alone.

That fateful year, loss of a friend, job, home, dad, and grandmother sick, my ego and heart were shattered to pieces. Now, I look back and I have it all. Lost a lot along the way, but gained much more than I ever expected. So, if I can do it, you can also rise way above the ashes. Just keep that little window of hope open and hold on to those who offer to hold your hand.


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