Maybe we met briefly or became fast friends at school.

Maybe you’re my family and put up with me as a teen and through the tumultuous years leading to recovery.

Maybe I’ve wronged you by not tending to our friendship often enough.

Maybe you were my husband who shared a good 17 years with our ups and downs.

Maybe you were my student to later become my hiking partner.

Maybe took me in when I had nowhere to go and carried me over to my next stop.

Maybe I worked for you for 17 years.

Maybe we shared secrets or Christmas in the snow.

Maybe we saw the sunrise on the beach in the south of Spain after a long night out where we met at 24.

Maybe we are coworkers and by default friends.

Maybe we shared some lovely time together and then moved on.

Maybe I adopted you as a mom.

Maybe you were my bestie and passed away leaving me a bit more broken.

Maybe you raised me, abuelita, and decided it was time to have me walk without you any longer.

Maybe you helped me get clean.

Maybe you’re my brother who has a hard time accepting that I love you.

Maybe you are my sister, my soul-helper.

Maybe you are my Dad to whom I look up to.

But one thing is for sure, and not a maybe. I care deeply about you for being part of my life, my lessons, my story.

With utmost gratitude to all my maybes.

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