Necessary disappointments

On Life, Hope y todo lo demás...

If people didn’t disappoint us, we wouldn’t get to appreciate those who don’t do that. Therefore, I feel there is a point in having to go through disappointments. I will try to explain.

Buddhism teaches us that if we have no expectations, we won’t ever be disappointed so we won’t suffer unnecessarily.  However, to reach that level of detachment for those of us who don’t practice Buddhism on a daily basis is very hard. Of course, if we are determined to practice detachment, we might get to scratch that surface, but barely.

We are hardwired to hope, wish, desire and believe, in our search for happiness, in all those things which create expectations. We want to believe people will say or do certain nice things for us, that they won´t let us down.

Letting go of these expectations for good takes more work than we are ready to put in…

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