We die while waiting to get that promotion, that perfect life, that wonderful home, that perfect relationship, that unexpected e-mail, that moment that will change our lives around and make us profoundly happy forever after. However, more often than not, those things never materialize while we end up wasting away our lives in the wait.

Some find comfort in waiting because while they wait, they can ignore their misery, hoping that miraculously life will bring them what they believe life owes them. Life owes us nothing. If we want something, we try to get it. If after trying we don’t, we must adjust our sails and keep moving. We cannot settle near the coast and not set sail. Life does not wait.

Keep those hopes in a little corner tucked away in your soul. Live your life and if things come to be as you always wished, may they come as a beautiful surprise. But let them catch you while you’re busy living, not waiting.

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