We all need those hugs

We all need companionship of some sort. Someone to hug, the warmth and knowledge that someone has our back keeps us relatively stable as well as knowing that someone cares deeply about us. It’s said that people who hug or have a significant another live longer, and I can understand very well why. We are not here to go it alone. friendships and family do matter and can carry much of the weight of our wellbeing, but, a hug from someone we “love” is what we all seek at the end of the day. Some sort of validation that makes us feel we are somewhat lovable.

It was only after leaving my marriage that I realized how much I needed hugs, unconditional love, and companionship. And I found all this out through Drew, my friends’ pup.  I never felt alone or lacking love with her. She filled that empty void in my heart for a while. I still miss her.

Now, I’m without pup or partner in crime and it’s hard at times. I’m lucky that I can hug my friend’s and coworker’s pups. They are safe, lovable and for a few minutes, I get my unconditional “love” fix.

While I truly enjoy solitude, I do sometimes feel the longing to be connected, and a pup would probably fit the job of holding my heart without breaking it.

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